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Maria Zuniga

From an early age born and raised in Costa Rica, Marielos practiced various sports such as cross country running, river rafting and surfing on a competitive level. 

Marielos has always been a passionate ambassador of a healthy lifestyle and happiness.

In 2006, she discovered Pilates and immediately fell in love with this method. After two years of practice she became a fully qualified Pilates instructor certified by the Pilates Tool Box Company in San Jose Costa Rica and in the Classical Pilates Method by Master Felipe Calderon. 

Throughout the years Marielos obtained different certificates such as Fitness Instructor and Personal trainer from Fits Pro Suisse. 

Since November 2020 she is the only fully certified Multi-Barre instructor in Switzerland. 

Maria Zuniga, Founder of Pure Life Pilates

With 15 years of experience and 1000 training hours she has been devoted to helping her clients overcome health issues like: bad postures, body pains, flexibility, flaccidity, weight difficulties and lack of motivation.
Marielos assists her clients in strengthening and increasing their physical condition, emotional wellbeing and self-confidence. Clients show better physical performances, build deeper muscle mass, develop optimal posture alignment, benefit from healthier breathing techniques, visibly show slimmer and toner bodies and enjoy full body mobility. She teaches the importance of a body and mind connection.

​​Marielos speaks several languages; French, English, Spanish and German.


"My daily inspiration is to have my clients walk away from their sessions stronger, more centered and rejuvenated. Seeing someone improve session after session is the ultimate feeling for me that is priceless".

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