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Pilates in the Workplace

Why set up a Pilates class in your company?

The benefits of Pilates have been known for a long time and are numerous. This sport contributes to the well-being of employees in the workplace and allows a reduction of stress and a toning of the body.

It offers better sleep and brings energy on a daily basis. On the employer's side as well as on the employee's side, there are only advantages to taking Pilates classes in the company. The quality of life of employees will be improved. 

A Better Involvement

A relaxed and healthy employee will be more involved in his work and will be more profitable.

Stress Relief

Pilates allows you to relax and let go. Its action will lead to a decrease in daily stress. 

Better Employer Image

By offering fun activities to your employees you show them that you are involved in their well-being.

Improved Concentration

Because of its beneficial action on physical and mental health, Pilates will lead to a better capacity of concentration of employees.

Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders 

Pilates makes the body more flexible and thus reduces the risk of MSD.

Increase in Productivity

The practice of a sport activity at work leads to an increase in productivity of employees of about 10%.

  • Accessible to all: All ages, no level required 

  • Group of 5 to 8 people maximum per class

  • Private and duo classes on request

  • Duration: 50 minutes 

  • Sessions can take place: Before the start of the day, during lunch break or after working hours.

  • Classes can take place at the workplace or somewhere nearby.

  • Required material: Floor mat.


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