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Developed nearly 100 years ago, the Pilates method (named after its inventor Joseph Pilates (1880 - 1967), a German who emigrated to the United States at the beginning of the 19th century) is a global approach to the body that includes more than 500 exercises designed to improve the body's muscular performance.

Maria Zuniga, Founder of Pure Life Pilates

Why is Pilates beneficial?

To regain a true balance

You improve your coordination and develop an awareness of your body. The method promotes good posture and posture correction.

To become more flexible

You develop the flexibility of your muscles, the lengthening of your spine and you gain in amplitude in your movements.

To build muscle

By soliciting practically all the parts of your body and more particularly the regions of the abdomen, the pelvis and the posterior, your body becomes firmer and more toned.

To relax your muscles and your mind

Eliminate stress through a breathing technique that provides an energizing sensation and well-being at each session.

To relax stiffened muscle groups (neck, shoulders, back), to tone relaxed muscle groups (abdominal, buttocks) in order to balance the whole musculature and to get rid of tensions.

To prevent and recover from injuries

Pilates exercises help prevent injuries caused by poor posture. It also helps to regain balance and motor function after an accident or injury.

It is the mind that shapes the body.
-Joseph Pilates


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