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Summer Aquatic Classes

June 7th - September 15th



AQUA Pilates

Location: Genève Plage. 

Come enjoy the fresh air and get fit while having fun!

This is a unique class providing all the benefits of the Pilates method: optimal postural alignment, muscle strengthening of all deep muscles, balance and freedom of movement on a floating mat. This discipline will awaken your mind and proprioception with modern techniques of muscle isolation. It will also bring you the joy of being in the open air and enjoy working on the water!
Come and enjoy an extraordinary setting at the end of the day with your friends!



Paddle Pilates

Location: Tropical Corner.

Enjoy the fresh air, the outdoors with the Paddle Pilates class!

A new outdoor workout that blends core exercise with a water sport has emerged just 5 minutes from the center of Geneva! If you like to keep up with the latest fitness trends, it is in Lake Leman, where Maria Zuniga, an enterprising Pilates instructor, trades her pilates classrooms for a fun and effective outdoor Pilates class using Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP)! Fusing these two activities into one hybrid fitness challenge called Paddle Pilates. Paddle Pilates is an unconventional but highly effective technique combining the balance of Pilates—core work that strengthens and tones the midsection—with cardio exercises. The twist in Paddle Pilates is not done on a machine at the gym, but on a paddle board out on a lake in the great outdoors. “Paddle Pilates is a unique activity during which we perform core, body weight, balance and cardio challenges, all while on a SUP (stand-up paddle board)”, says Pilates boarding instructor Marielos Zuniga of Pure Life Pilates, “this is a total body workout, all while receiving the relaxing benefits of being in the great outdoors!”. A soothing atmosphere that encourages a deep connection with your mind, body and nature. The best part about core boarding is that you don’t even need to own a paddle board to get started. 

Paddle Pilates Genève

SUPs are available for a small rental fee at Tropical Corner. The price of the class includes the rental fee for the boards. Make sure you come a bit early so you give yourself some time to change into your bathing suits. Whether you’re a Pilates enthusiast or have never dared to try anything like Pilates on a paddle board before, Marielos insists that the one thing that makes Paddle Pilates great is that it’s designed for everyone and teaches the ability to find balance, hold poses and perform exercises on water, in a gorgeous outdoor setting like the beautiful Lake Leman. Even if you are already a stand-up paddle boarding expert, you may have never experienced a workout quite like this one. Motivate your friends for an amazing Paddle Pilates group class with Pure Life Pilates! Make the most of your summer! Come enjoy the fresh air, the outdoors and get fit while having fun!

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